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About – Team Network

About Us

Our Products

We, at TEAM, have a rich blend of organic and natural products. This helps to maintain the virtuous tradition of marketing
and promoting reliable and consumer-friendly products in India. We research on every aspect of the product as we ensure the
highest quality of our products & services because client satisfaction is our prime focus. This organic health & beauty care and
dietary shield based products are adapted for the health, wellness and nutritional benefits of any family.
Customer Satisfaction is our Motto

We, at TEAM, provide 100% Customer satisfaction by resolving your concerns or 100% refundable policy on products. The company has
its own Customer Complaint Redressal Call for their maximum care.
Proficient Squad

Our Proficient Squad TEAM always makes sure to provide best of their services to the customers and to the ones those who are
associated with us as Direct Seller. We, at TEAM, has such a strong dynamic diligent & hardworking team who have 3-year
experience in direct selling market which is leading the team on the growing scale.

Working Staff

We, at TEAM, has a team of very well educated & experienced staff from IT and Management Sectors those who are working at our
different branch in India. They work diligently for the growth of the team.
We Make Sure

We, at TEAM, make sure to fulfill our societal obligations by paying the maximum amount of taxes.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
In the spree of competition and making economic benefits, we at TEAM could never think of sidelining our responsibilities
towards the society. Being into Direct Selling Marketing industry, we make sure to contribute a lot while minimizing the
problem of unemployment, crimes, poverty & drug addiction through giving a right direction to youth & stepping ahead for women
empowerment through balancing & equalizing the status.

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